07 October 2016

31 Days of Horror Day 7: Martyrs 2008 - REVIEW by Boogeyman

I have been a horror fan for decades and I have never had a film punch me in the gut like "Martyrs". From beginning to end this movie captivated me with it's onslaught of violence and a deep twisted story of torture and abuse creating the perfect hate machine in Lucie played by the amazing Mylène Jampanoï

Our tale begins with Lucie escaping from her abusers and being sent to an orphanage where she finds a best friend in young Anna played by the equally amazing Morjana Alaoui. Years later when the two are all grown up Lucie, Hell bent on revenge tracks down her abusers and the brutality begins. 

"Martyrs" pulls no punches and at times is difficult to watch but no horror fan should leave this off their must watch list. As Lucie spirals out of control Anna is drawn into the madness by loyalty and love of her friend. After a full blown home invasion showing no mercy on her abusers Lucie and Anna soon realize that they have stepped into a much deeper web of evil then they could have ever imagined. 

I will not drop a bunch of spoilers on you here but the big twist and reveal at the end of this movie will have you sitting there with the same crazy look on your face that I had after my first viewing. "Martyrs" is a very polarizing film and for every crazed fan like me there will be someone calling it "torture porn" and dropping it in the same category as "Hostel" or "Saw" but it is so very different and more intelligent. I challenge you all to give this film a watch and form your own opinion then drop a comment here and tell me what you think. I have "Martyrs" in my top 10 all time and can't recommend it enough. Two thumbs up, 10/10, brutal perfection in a movie. Keep it bloody, Boogey

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