04 July 2013

The Oshkosh Horror Film Festival is Now Accepting Submissions - PRESS RELEASE

The Oshkosh Horror Film Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is being held October 5th and 6th of 2013 and is now open for submissions.  Listed below is all you will need to know about the festival:

Submissions (http://oshkoshhorror.com/ohff/submit/)
-No submission fees. Ever!
-DVD and online screeners are accepted.
-Submission deadline is AUGUST 31, 2013.
-Any length is welcome, as are films from any place of origin.

The objective of the OHFF is simple: showcase independent horror. Both feature length and short films will be shown. There will be no awards for the films and no contests held. We are not a flashy festival. The OHFF is a clear cut event to do nothing more than celebrate independent horror.

OHFF Website: http://oshkoshhorror.com/ohff/

Any questions/comments/inquires can be sent to john@oshkoshhorror.com

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