15 July 2013

Syfy Launches Trailers for Weird or What? and Heroes of Cosplay

Before William Shatner returns to explore the mysteries of the world, you can recap last season’s episodes. But, be sure you don’t miss anything from the upcoming Heroes of Cosplay. Follow their page on Facebook for amazing previews of contestants and their work.

Weird or What? with William Shatner – Returns Tomorrow at 8/7c

Weird or What? – Launch Trailer 

SUMMARY: Explore the unknown with William Shatner as he tackles topical mysteries and phenomenon.

Heroes of Cosplay—Premieres Tuesday, August 13 at 10:30/9:30c

Heroes of Cosplay – Launch Trailer

SUMMARY: Heroes of Cosplay is a tantalizing docu-series that lifts the veil on the imaginative world of cosplay competition, because fans at the comic book conventions don't merely dress up as their favorite character; they also compete to see who's the best!

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