19 July 2013

Contact (2009,Short) - REVIEW

What one person calls a horror movie, another might call a thriller, drama or even just a comedy.  Everyone's perception is different but what I don't understand is the fact that you make a short movie and because someone is scared or has something terrible happening you are going to tag it as horror.  Not saying that I am always right and that my opinion is what decides the genre but I like to think I can identify something that is horror and something that is just being passed off as horror.

Koreen (Zoe Daelman Chlanda) and Westy (Robb Leigh Davis) are seen walking through what seems to be an area of town that druggies go to to buy drugs and sit back and get a high.  The couple are taken to what seems to be the drug lord and they recieve a small bottle of liquid and are told to take it together.  Neither know what they are in for.  They retreat to their apartment to get high and from there things get very strange.

I really don't know  what to make of this film.  If I really had to put it into a section at your local DVD rental or Red Box I would say it belongs in the Weird section.  The movie is filmed in black and white which is probably the main thing I like about the film.  To me black and white adds a little something that color films can't always do.  The film itself looks pretty damn good with some good special effects.  The story though is what I think is lacking.  The dialogue is reduced to just a couple of statements by the fucked up looking drug dealer and that's about it.  The rest of the story obviously is carried out by actions only.  There is not really a dark tone but more of a dreary depressing tone throughout the film.  The black and white does add to the drearyness as well.

My opinion on this like I have explained is not a horror film but I really did not all together not like it.  It probably is not the best short I have ever seen but certainly not the worst either.   I do applaud Jeremiah Kipp for doing something different not the same ole thing.  We horror fans know there are sometimes waaaaay to many Vampire, Zombie and found footage films roaming around recently.  I would give this  5 out of 10 stars.  Stay twisted everyone!

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