26 July 2013

Fatal Pictures Announces Their Final Short Film: Heir

From Richard Powell and Zach Green’s Fatal Pictures, the company that brought you the critically acclaimed, award winning horror shorts WORM and FAMILIAR, comes their new and final short film “HEIR”, a touching tale of father and son. Starring the Emmy award winning Bill Oberst Jr. (ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, TAKE THIS LOLLIPOP, CHILDREN OF SORROW) and Robert Nolan (SICK, WORM, FAMILIAR).

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, family man Gordon and his son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge in a secret passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned.

Combining the best and brightest of our previous film, FAMILIAR, with new and accomplished collaborators (BILL OBERST JR, MARC ROUSSEL and RON
BASCH from Red Sneakers Media), HEIR is set to be a disturbing, practical FX driven horror short which examines one of societies darkest taboos in a way only Fatal Pictures can. HEIR stands to be our darkest, sharpest and most successful film to date!

Written and Directed by Richard Powell
Produced by Zach Green, Marc Roussel, Ron Basch and Richard Powell
Produced in association with Red Sneakers Media (REMOTE & THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS - both Director’s Guild of Canada nominees for Best Short
Associate Producer Heather Wixson (Founder CINEMAYHEM FILM FESTIVAL, Journalist DREAD CENTRAL)
Special Effects by The Butcher Shop (FAMILIAR, DEVIL’S NIGHT)
Cinematography by Michael Davidson (SICK, FAMILIAR, BERKSHIRE COUNTY)
Music & Sound Design by Bernie Greenspoon (CONSUMPTION, WORM, FAMILIAR)

Unlike many films seeking the support of filmmakers and film lovers across the various crowd-funding platforms, we felt it appropriate to seek out and obtain some feedback and insights on the HEIR screenplay first in order to reassure potential supporters that we have the goods! Below are a few of the supportive and enthusiastic comments from a cross-section of the horror community including critics, festival directors, distributors and cult horror actor Bill Oberst Jr. himself.
"HEIR promises to deliver a disgusting dose of Lovecraftian body-horror that will make you squirm in more ways than one!"
- Jason Thorson, (Editor-in-chief, RavenousMonster.com)

"Considering Familiar, its last work, I would say that Fatal Pictures will definitely bring us, with Heir, a must-see short film. Graphically shocking and original with its body modifications, i would bet it'll be a great masterpiece. The horror in its very best form: disturbing and unique."
- Nicolas Tonsho, Fantaspoa International Film Festival

"A monstrous spin on an all-too-familiar tale of bad parenting."
- Alyse Wax, FEARnet

"With HEIR, Fatal Pictures have planned a stunning and memorable swansong. Set to delve into darker and more grotesque avenues than they have even ventured before, HEIR is certainly going to be another sucker punch from one of the most exciting independent studios out there. Be afraid, because you most definitely won’t be prepared."
- Colin McCracken, Zombie Hamster

"Powell is an unflinching examiner of the perversion of humanity that is born of our deepest fears, doubts, regrets and hidden hurts. He reminds us we walk among the wounded and mutated every day."
- Dave Pace Bonello, Fangoria

"Powell and his producing partner Zach Green are breaking new and horrific ground with HEIR. This project shows that the pair's festival monster FAMILIAR was no fluke; Powell and Green are in the vanguard of horror's new cinematic masters. HEIR is an honest-toGod, bonafide new notion of terror."
- Bill Oberst Jr.

Our goal is not only to create a chillingly memorable short film but to demonstrate what can be done after a film is funded. Our supporters will see the film they helped make in festivals around the world, in print and in distribution. That is our commitment, to produce one of the most successful crowd funded film projects to date. In need of further proof? You can check out our previous short film Familiar on FEARnet athttp://www.fearnet.com/shorts/familiar.

In addition to several new and exciting collaborations, HEIR will also mark FATAL PICTURES’ introduction to crowd funding. The campaign to fund the hard costs of the production will be launched shortly. This process will allow the film community a unique insight and stake in this disturbing horror tale. The combination of talent and passion we have brought on board so far means we have a great chance to create something special, but we can't do it without the support of film lovers, filmmakers and daydreamers just like you!

Support comes in many shapes and forms, a "like" or "share" of our page means a lot! This is your chance to help contribute to what stands to be the final short film from FATAL PICTURES before we stage our feature film debut. This is also your chance to take advantage of some of these great, fresh new perks!

• The full rights to an original, unproduced short film script from Fatal Pictures will be up for grabs. Make it, expand it into a feature, do whatever you like with it, it's
yours! The script, entitled VESSEL, embodies everything that makes a Fatal Pictures short film what it is; complex characters, disturbing social commentary
and our signature blend of horror and drama. Matchflick.com describes VESSEL as "a unique blend of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE and

• The original HEIR poster painting, signed by key members of the cast and crew. This is a one of a kind reward that one special supporter will claim.

• For fans of our previous film Familiar, we will be creating limited edition dvd/blurays, which will feature an extra special, exclusive bonus feature, which will
remain a secret until the discs ship. These limited editions will be the first physical release of Familiar for home use from Fatal Pictures, something that’s
been a long time coming!

• Continuing with the exclusives, two major props from our previous films will be up for grabs! From WORM, Geoffrey Dodd’s suitcase of horrors (hand crafted by
writer/director Richard Powell) and from FAMILIAR, the squid monster which John Dodd digs out from his leg! This unique piece of our filmmaking history was
created by the spectacular FX team The Butcher Shop (the same team on HEIR) and comes covered in dried blood and all!

These are just a few of our unique rewards, more to be announced shortly!

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  1. Richard Powell and Zach Green should continue making more short body horror films and continue doing the makeup FX creature FX and do more Bladders-FX and not give up on it.