17 July 2013

Shirly Brener Joins the Cast of Zombie Web Series: Chronicles of the Dead

Israeli actress Shirly Brener (Righteous Kill, Hit List, Streets of Blood) joins the cast of zombie apocalypse web series "Chronicles of the Dead". The indie horror series is the brainchild of 3N Films founders Brian Hernandez (Director and Writer) and Younger Robbins (Writer).

Brener is cast as powerful CEO 'Dagny Green', head of a global corporation that is secretly stockpiling footage of the zombie apocalypse for yet unknown reasons. Her recurring role is written with a strong character arc that will be revealed in subsequent episodes, which take place several years into this nightmare world.

When asked about her involvement in the project, Shirly said she was, “…excited to join this series, being a huge fan of ‘The Walking Dead’! I’m thrilled to support these young filmmakers be part of this genre with endless possibilities!”

Brener is seasoned horror actress, with an upcoming lead in the supernatural horror thriller “Stitch” (starring Eduard Furlong & Danny Trejo), as well as previous roles in H.P Lovecrafts “The Dunwhich Horror”, “Girls Gone Dead”, “Blind Horizon”, “Shadow of Fear”, and “Session”. Shirly also stars on "Connected", which is the #1 hit docudrama show in Israel. 

For more information on Shirly, visit:
Twitter: @Shirlybrener
Instagram: @Shirlybrener
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShirlyBrener
Shirly’s Website: www.shirlybrener.com

To follow and watch “Chronicles of the Dead”, visit:
Twitter: @3NFilms
Youtube: www.youtube.com/3nFIlms
3N Film’s Website: www.3NFilms.com

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