04 July 2013

The Earth Rejects Him (2011) - REVIEW

It's been awhile since I sat down and watched a short for review.  Making a good short can be tricky.  You have a shortened period of time to fit and explain a story in about 15-20 minutes all while keeping the audience glued to the TV.  Really, the truth is if you can't keep someone glued to the screen for just 15 minutes then you did not do your job in getting across your story.

A boy (Ellis Gage) is riding his bike in a wooded and grassy area when he finds a corpse (Colin Allen) sticking out of the ground.  The boy seems to care about this corpse and is determined to put him in the ground.  When he does decide to do so he discovers something much more complicated than it just being a corpse.  The corpse seems to be growing out of the ground.  What does this mean for our young friend?

I can't say this was the weirdest or even the worst short I have ever seen but I definitely was not a huge fan of this one.  The story itself is just kind of strange and really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  I did however enjoy the soundtrack.  Being a composer myself I can appreciate the tone that was being set and it fit in quite nicely but ultimately that is really the only bright spot here.  The main actors in this short are kids for the most part and really not a bad job at all.

After reading what influenced this film: Del Toro, and Lovecraft.  I definitely can see their influence on this film.  Those 2 however really are not my favorite.  I can handle some Lovecraft but I really do not like all of his stuff.  Some films are not for everyone and this is one that I was not really a fan of but that doesn't mean you should not check it out.  I know there is a market out there for a film like this.  I would have to rate this one 4 out of 10 stars.  Stay twisted everyone!

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