25 July 2013

Ooga Booga (2013) - REVIEW

Charles Band and Full Moon the past few years have been pumping out a ton of new movies.  Some of them are pretty good, some not so much.  One of the pioneers of direct to video movies always manages to make hits.  I think Ooga Booga may be one of the better Full Moon movies in the past few years.

Devin (Wade F Wilson) comes home and is greeted by his girlfriend Donna (Ciarra Carter).  Devin has just passed his medical exam to become a doctor and it is time to celebrate.  Devin receives a call from his best friend Hambo (Chance A Rearden) who has just been fired as the host of a children's show.  Hambo gives Devin his prototype doll of Ooga Booga , an African tribal doll , that he is convinced will make him a millionaire.  Devin on his way home stops to get a slushy when it is robbed and the cashier is shot.  He calls the cops and tries to save him only to have 2 cops show up and accuse him of killing the cashier and is gunned down himself.  His blood spilled to the floor with Ooga Booga close by.  Devin's soul is now in Ooga Booga to exact revenge for his death.

I decided to give this one a chance and mainly because it reminded me of Puppet Master a little and also because of the appearance of Karen Black.  The story I thought was not bad at all.  One of the more well written Full Moon movies recently.  I have taken a chance on a few of these lately and really have been unimpressed with the all around movie but not this one.  Now I do have to say the acting is quite terrible.  In fact the best part is probably played by the puppet of Ooga Booga.  All in all though Ooga Booga is alot of fun and reminiscent of early Full Moon films.

I was rather impressed with the production quality as well as the overall sound quality.  One of my favorite things about the film is the sountrack by Full Moon veteran Richard Band.  Richard has put together some stellar soundtracks in his career which includes the score of Puppet Master.  I would have to rate Ooga Booga 6 out of 10 stars.  I overall enjoyed the film.  There were a few parts that started to drag but it picks right back up.  Stay twisted everyone!

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