06 April 2013

Two 70's Classics Restored and Uncut on Blu Ray

Two ‘70s Horror Classics Restored & Uncut In HD

6/11 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Releases Packed with Exclusive Special Features from Severin Films!

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 29th, 2013 – Severin Films have announced the long awaited June 11th Blu-ray + DVD combo US debut release of the controversial shocker HOUSE ON STRAW HILL and the creepy classic THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES.

HOUSE ON STRAW HILL: Banned in Britain as a Video Nasty for thirty years! A shockingly violent and erotic tale of seduction, brutality and revenge. Cult movie icon Udo Kier (MARK OF THE DEVIL, FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN) stars as a successful novelist suffering from writer’s block, who rents a country cottage with his wife (British 70s sex sensation Fiona Richmond) in the hope of finding inspiration. But the arrival of a sensual secretary, played by Linda Hayden (BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW, TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA) sets in motion a chain of events that culminate in an unrestrained explosion of sex and savagery. Film elements were long thought lost or destroyed on this sleazy gem but the original camera negative was unearthed in a barn in rural England and painstakingly restored for this first official uncut release anywhere in the world. Director commentary and cast and crew interviews will round out the package.

THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES: “Eight graves! Seven bodies!” screamed the ads, “One killer... and he's already dead!” Hollywood legends John Ireland (RED RIVER, SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS), John Carradine (THE GRAPES OF WRATH, VAMPIRE HOOKERS) and Howard Hughes’ paramour Faith Domergue (CULT OF THE COBRA,THIS ISLAND EARTH) star in this much-loved ‘70s shocker about a film crew shooting an occult drama in a sinister manor with its own grisly history of family bloodshed. Previously released with often badly cropped, censored and muddy transfers, the film will finally be available in HD, transferred from original vault materials and featuring an exclusive archive interview with legendary horror icon Carradine (a DVD/Blu-Ray first as far as we’re aware) and a revealing new audio commentary with Co-Producer Gary Kent & Film Historian Lars Nilsen.

Severin Films was formed in 2006 with offices in Los Angeles and London. Their 80 plus strong movie catalogue includes works from iconic euro-cult directors Lucio Fulci, Jess Franco and Walerian Borowczyck, the all-star War classicTHE WILD GEESE, the unrated Director’s Cut of Just Jaeckin’s GWENDOLINE, Richard Stanley’s cyber-punk hit HARDWARE, Enzo Castellari’s original action classic INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Oscar®-nominee Patrice Leconte’s THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND, the midnight movie sensation BIRDEMIC – SHOCK & TERROR, the historical battle epic ZULU DAWN, Eugenio Martin’s restored HORROR EXPRESS, and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s internationally acclaimedSANTA SANGRE. In 2011 they produced the horror anthology feature THE THEATRE BIZARRE.



1985 • 84 minutes • Color • 1.77:1, 16x9 • SRP $29.95 • 1 DVD, 1 BLU RAY


1973 • 91 minutes • Color • 1.85:1, 16x9 • SRP $29.95 • 1 DVD, 1 BLU RAY

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