17 April 2013

Director Pau Masó is Set to Produce Haunted Poland: The Origins

Haunted Poland: The Origins is the sequel to Maso & Co Productions’ Haunted Poland (2012). This sequel has created a proof of concept trailer, along with the film’s first poster. This supernatural tale will begin production in June, after the completion of the film’s Indiegogo campaign.

The original film involved a cross country trip and possession. Ewelin (Ewelina Lukaszewska) and Pau (Pau Masó) travelled from the United States to Chodecz, Poland, to visit Ewelin’s parent’s grave site. There, they met a friend, Irene (Irene Gonzalez), who visited them from Spain. Something was waiting for them in the graveyard. Now, in Haunted Poland: The Origins, Ewelin has disappeared and Irene is searching for her friend. But, a supernatural phenomenon tracks Irene’s every move. Horror fans should prepare for one of the scariest films to come out of Europe, later this year.

Film fans can view the film’s proof of concept trailer below. The reel shows character Ewelin in the forests of Poland. Ewelin is pursued by something unimaginable. The film’s first poster is also available. The graphic shows Ewelin under demonic possession. And, both items show the prominent supernatural elements from Haunted Poland: The Origins.

Synopsis: “Irene discovers Ewelin has gone missing. Irene returns to Chodecz, Poland to find out what happened to her. Irene encounters Ewelin's childhood friend, Kate and together, they try to discover what happened to Ewelin. The mystery deepens in the haunted woods of Poland.”

Directors/writers: Pau Masó and Ewelina Lukaszewska
Cast: Ewelina Lukaszewska, Kate Korbel, and Irene Gonzalez

The film’s concept trailer is here:

More details on this project will be posted on the Haunted Poland website:

The Indiegogo page is here:

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