17 April 2013

Release Date Announced for New Thriller, Murder 11

Murder Eleven is an exciting thriller from Code 3 Films. This title recently had a World Premiere at the Down Beach Film Festival in late 2012. And, director Jim Klock’s (The Trials of Cate McCall) award winning feature will be released through Indican Pictures in 2013.

The film involves two detectives in search of a vicious serial killer. The murderer targets prostitutes and ten women have already fallen to his attacks. Det. Mayfield (Michael Mack) and Jesse (Richard Reid) must intervene before he kills his latest victim – Katey (Autumn Federici), who has just been kidnapped. Both men must race against time to prevent Murder Eleven!

Murder Eleven has taken several awards throughout 2012. This title has won for Best Actress in a Feature Drama (Julienne Irons) and Best Writer in the Feature Category (Jim Klock). Now, Murder Eleven will be available for film fans October 1st, 2013, on home video formats. This thriller will excite viewers with this engaging tale of kidnap and murder.

Synopsis: “A serial killer is loose on the streets of Atlantic City. His ten victims are prostitutes, his methods are ruthless. And yet, his motives are unknown. Two embattled homicide detectives, Mayfield and Jesse, are in a race against time to catch this killer. They have just a few hours to utilize all of their resources and prevent murder number eleven. But with very few leads, very little support, and luck playing against them, they are in for a long night because being wrong is unforgiving and number eleven is already gone.”

Release Date: October 1, 2013
Director/writer: Jim Klock
Cast: Jim Klock, Julienne Irons, Michael Mack, Autumn Federici and Richard Reid

More details, including movie stills, can be found at the Code 3 Films’ Homepage:

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