26 April 2013

Little Mermaid Live Action Horror Feature in Pre-Production

Nothing grabs your attention like a headline that reads "Can't get enough evil mermaids?"

The producers of the short film "The Little Mermaid", (the one that took top prize at LA's Screamfest in 2011), are now producing a feature-length version shooting this Fall in Vancouver BC.

Title: The Little Mermaid
Tag Line: Everyone's Dying to See the Show...

Log Line: Patrons of a 1930s sideshow of “Living Aquatic Oddities” become trapped underground by a massive dust storm and are threatened by strange creatures (and each other) as they search for a way out.

Why should you care?

1. The short was awesome, it is currently the 4th most popular out of 108 shorts on FEARnet, and the whole team is back to work on the new project

2. The film will feature dozens of new "Living Aquatic Oddities" - beautiful and horrific creatures all created via practical FX by a fan-favourite "SyFy: Face Off" contestant-lead team

3. Evil mermaids rule

Why the Little Mermaid, why practical FX?

From Executive Producer and Production Designer Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin:

"Dark fantasy is a great genre - we all love these classic worlds and characters, but as we've aged our tastes have morphed away from the "Disneys" and towards the "del Toros." Based on the reception of the short, we think there is definitely an appetite for a different type of mermaid tale - one with a more relatable human component and bittersweet tinge in keeping with the spirit of the original story.

The decision to go all-practical on the FX for this creature-laden film was an easy one for us - we grew up on diet of 80s classics like John Carpenter's The Thing, Alien, The Fly, and Poltergeist. While the prevalence of affordable technology has put CG FX in the hands of every indie producer, there's just no substitute for a real actor responding to a real creature there on set. Plus we get to cover everyone in goo. That's always a bonus."

Director Nicholas Humphries, producer Lindsey Mann, and makeup department head Sarah Elizabeth will be reprising their roles on the project, with the addition of head writer Bob Woolsey to the above the line crew. The film is set to shoot in Vancouver in September 2013.

To follow the film's progress and get the inside scoop on all their "practical creature creation" secrets, visit the Facebook page:www.facebook.com/LittleMermaidFilm

You can also watch the short film now on FEARnet: www.fearnet.com/shorts/little-mermaid

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