20 April 2013

Omen IV: The Awakening 1991 - REVIEW

A little talked about Movie and for good reason.  The last hoorah for the Omen franchise but were can it go with the death of Damien Thorn.  Well, in this we find out in a made for TV movie that showed this franchise was not ready to die yet.  Maybe it should have!  The Omen had a good run but by 1991 it was a little late to throw out another entry.  That can be said for a few franchises and they got the picture with this film because they did not make another.

Damien Thorn is now dead and gone.  The threat is over and Satan is no longer going to take over the world.  If you really thought he was gone for good you are dead wrong.  Gene (Michael Woods) and Caroline York (Faye Grant) have just adopted a child from a nunnery.  The child was born under very suspicious circumstances and is believed to be evil.

 At first the couple have no real problems with Delia (Asia Vieira) but as she gets older her behavior is more and more strange.  Eventually Gene becomes involved with Washington, DC and congress.  He is not around to witness Delia's behavior but Caroline is and she seems to think something is wrong with her.  She is bound and determined to find out what is wrong with her child.  The evilness of this child comes out little by little and it comes to light that she is the daughter of Damien Thorn.  His offspring is being raised by a powerful politician and there are people that would like to see him come to power so Damien would be in power again.  Caroline has to put a stop to this  anyway that she can.

Omen IV would have been a hell of a lot better if it was not a made for TV movie.  Be that as it may the movie really is not that bad.  It's not that good either though.  Really the best thing this has going for it is that it really is a creepy little movie.  Asia Vieira who plays Delia is so freakin evil.  I mean she looks it and you can feel her evil presence whenever she is on the screen.  Faye Grant was a really good choice to play Caroline as well, other than that the rest of the acting really was not that impressive.

I really do like the storyline they concocted for this entry.  It was rather creative and they found a way to successfully continue the franchise.  Unfortunately, I think they have a better story than what they delivered on screen.  This is the only movie in the franchise that was not shown in theaters.  Some might argue that Part III should not have been in theaters either and rightfully so it was pretty fucking terrible.  In fact Part IV is probably a bit better than the previous.

That's my opinion and I am sticking by it!  If you are a fan of the Omen movies and have not viewed this one yet, it really is worth at least one viewing.  Of course I have seen it probably about twenty times as it's one of my guilty pleasures.  Even though I don't like it that much I still tend to put it on at least once a year.  Stay twisted everyone!

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  1. I think that the Movie The Omen 4 the awakening is awesome can't wait to see it.