17 April 2013

All American Zombie Drugs coming to DVD April 23rd

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows All American Zombie Drugs is near and dear to us here at Twisted Central so to be able to post this press release is crazy exciting for me!! 

Midnight Releasing's All American Zombie Drugs will be hitting DVD shelves this April 23rd, followed by a major Cable & Internet VOD release on June 23rd. The DVD will be available at Blockbuster and a number of other retail and rental chains, and in June the movie will be available on iN DEMAND (Cable) and all major internet platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and more.

About the film
All American Zombie Drugs is an indie comedy hailed by critics for its uniqueness in bringing together a number of genres into an hilarious, poignant story.

Vinny (Wolfgang Weber) and Sebastian (Beau Nelson), two burnouts going nowhere in small town suburbia and still riding the high of their high school days, start a business doing the only thing they have ever excelled at... Drugs. With the help of a jealous girlfriend and a rich goth chick (Natalie Irby), Vinny and Sebastion take on angry, geeky frat-boys, dangerous businessmen, zombies and more in search of the perfect high.

For more information visit http://zombiedrugs.com or http://midnightreleasing.com/all-american-zombie-drugs/

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