13 February 2013

True Nature 2010 - REVIEW

I could not even imagine what it would be like for someone that I know or a family member to go missing.  Little less go missing and returning after a long period of time.  What would be the first thing you would say? Would you actually ask "were where you?"  I do like a good slasher but I also like a movie that will make you think beyond the normal realm.

Marianne Pascal (Marianne Porter) is a normal college student that is on winter break from school.  She is being pressured by her mother (Carolyn McCormick) to take a family vacation to Aspen were it has just freshly snowed.  Marianne is not wanting to spend her break that way.  Marianne storms from the dinner table and goes out for some fresh air.  A little later to clear her head she goes out for a run.  Stopping in the street to check her injured leg, a car suddenly comes at her.  Marianne goes missing and there are no signs as to where she is.  A year after her disappearance she returns home covered in mud.  She is taken to the hospital and has no recollection of were she was and seems very out of it.  Her Parents are happy she is back, but something is not quite right.  Marianne is not herself anymore, looking disheveled all the time, having horrible nightmares and flashbacks.  The truth about her disappearance is uncovered little by little.  You will not believe what really happened!  It's even more evil and sadistic than you can imagine.

True Nature is not your traditional horror movie.  More of a drama/thriller than anything with some supernatural aspects as well.  The story is brilliantly written with plenty of mystery and a few added twists and turns along the way.  Character development is the key for this film.  It seems the actors and actresses were picked perfectly for their roles.  Marianne Porter is outstanding as the lead Marianne Pascal.  Her performance is worthy of an Oscar, not really, but pretty damn close. The part of Marianne's Mother was also steller.  Really was the character that you loved to hate.  Just constantly pushing her daughter not caring about Marianne's feelings as all just herself and what everyone else thought.  Those kind of people really piss me off and I am glad Marianne was such a bitch to her.  She really deserved it.

I did really enjoy watching this movie.  From the title and the description on IMDb I really did not know what to expect.  It was a very pleasant surprise, being hooked on my computer screen for 92 minutes while I watched this film uninterrupted   I would most definitely recommend a viewing or two.  You can easily find it on Amazon.com for purchase.  Seems to be a little expensive though at the moment, may want to wait for the price to come down a bit. On the other hand  I think it's worth the 22.00 they are asking for it, but that's just me. Stay twisted everyone!

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