22 February 2013

Excision 2012 - REVIEW

I saw this film a couple of months ago and really am just reviewing it now only because I was not as impressed with it as I thought I was going to be.  I really did not know much about it except for the description from Amazon.com and the fact the Traci Lords was in it.  Up front I am going to say I do not consider this to be a full fledged horror movie.  In my opinion it had a dark tone but really the only thing related to horror that happened was not until the end of the film.  Draw your own conclusions.

Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) is a very odd girl almost what you would consider and introvert.  She is not very popular among her peers and really does not have any friends except for her sister Grace (Ariel Winter) who suffers from cystic fibrosis.  They have a controlling Mother (Traci Lords) who favors Grace a little more than Pauline.  Mainly because of Pauline's always strange behavior.  Pauline is an aspiring surgeon and is almost to the point of obsession.  She has delusions frequently that are sick and show how disturbed she really is.  One night she takes matters into her own hands.  You will be shocked to say the least.

The film itself is pretty strange all the way around.  Mostly revolving around the character of Pauline and her relationship with her bitch of a Mother.  Traci Lords is really what I consider to be the brightest part of this film.  Her performance was outstanding and she really showed the audience that she still is a star and steals the screen whenever she is on it.    Not to mention that she is still as gorgeous as ever.  I really did not like Pauline's character nor did I like AnnaLynne McCord as her.  I guess she played the part I just really am not a fan or her performance.

The story itself I thought has alot of potential that really just did not deliver.  There are some humorous parts to this movie, and some scary moments when you say "what the fuck!"  Most of all too much time was spent on how odd and strange Pauline was rather than just letting her loose and just fuck some shit up.  Don't get me wrong I do not totally all out hate this film, but I was very disappointed   I thought the description of the movie tagged it more of a horror movie when it really needed to be described as a dark drama.  Stay twisted everyone!


  1. I watched part of this with a friend and we stopped watching after about 20 minutes and didn't pick it back up. Pauline's delusions were pretty odd and interesting, but it didn't take long for things to just drag, and get tiring.