26 February 2013

The Second Teaser Trailer is released for "Bloody Night" - PRESS RELEASE

Bloody Night

“Are you ready for a Bloody Weekend?

Budapest, Hungary - Director Hakan Yildiz has released the second teaser trailer for the slasher film Bloody Night. Bloody Night was shot in Budapest, Hungary and the film features several rising stars and starlettes. As well, the latest teaser trailer for the film shows flashes of a mysterious killer, who is intent on stalking four friends on holiday.

The trailer shows primary cast members on the wrong side of a knife. Actress Anna Rust (The Brothers Grimm) appears prominently in one of Budapest’s empty streets. Her character is chased in back alleys and a park by an unknown attacker. As well, actor Pau Masó (Haunted Poland) is shown as he provides safe refuge for the distressed Anna. And, even the killer makes an appearance with a sharp blade. Horror fans can view this deadly cat and mouse exchange in the clip provided below!

Bloody Night is also set to tour over 20 horror film festivals. Festival runs will take place both in North America and Europe, with specific dates to be announced shortly.

The film’s synopsis: “4 University students travel to Budapest during the winter break holiday, but they find their lives endangered. Now, these four friends will have to fight for their lives, to escape a masked madman and killer (Sweet Dreams Productions).“

Release Date: Q2 2013.

Director: Hakan Yildiz.

Producers: Burcak Ozder, Deniz Sahin and Hakan Yildiz.

Executive Producers: Hakan Yildiz and Csanad Darvas.

Cast: Hakan Yildiz, Pau Masó, Anna Rust, Zsolt Der and Christoph Fortmann.

The film’s homepage is here: http://www.bloodynightmovie.com

The film’s fan page is listed here: http://www.facebook.com/bloodynightfilm

And here: http://www.twitter.com/bloodynightfilm

The second teaser trailer for the film is here:


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