20 February 2013

Interview with Marianne Porter from the movie True Nature

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Marianne Porter who had the lead role of Marianne Pascal in the Indie film True Nature.  Hope you enjoy, it really was a pleasure to speak with such a talented actress.

TC: How did you come to get the part of Marianne for True Nature

MP: I had been friends with Patrick Steele the producer of the movie for a long time and he was set to have me star in the movie.  We both went to Wright State for college and started talking about doing the movie back in 2004.

TC: How long did it take to film the movie?

MP: It took a total of 3 months to film, but it was 3 months spread out over a year period.  Patrick wanted my character to be physically different from the before I disappeared to when I came back.  I lost weight for the first part of shooting in 2007 then in 2008 we shot the pre disappearance scenes.

TC: How was it working with a veteran actress like Carolyn McCormick?

MP: I was really very cool.  I was completely in awe that we were able to get her to be in the movie in the first place.  She was so easy to work with and always fun to be around.  She was always giving me advice and little tips here and there.  For most of the movie I had to be in a really dark place and it was alot harder for me to get in that place and Carolyn was just able to turn it on an off like a switch.

TC: How was your overall experience with the film?

MP: Overall, it was a blast.  I am extremely lucky to play the part.  I had a tough time for 4 years in Los Angeles and I got this great part in a movie right in my hometown in Ohio.  It was really just so surreal to be the lead in such a great movie.  There were tense days, but we all took care of each other.

TC: Are there any projects you are working on at the present time?

MP: Not right now.  I have chosen not to pursue acting and go with something a little more stable.  I was raised by a single mother and having something stable is something I am more accustomed to.

TC: How many films have you been in up to now?

MP: I have been apart of a number of projects , but really only acted in about a handful of movies.  I was in Apparition and played an FBI agent.  Apparition has not been completed yet but I believe they are working on finishing it right now.  I was in a student film that appears in IMDB called Coffee and Water, and of course True Nature.

TC: Have you been to any conventions or film festivals to promote True Nature?

MP: I have been to a couple premieres in Ohio and I did do one of the conventions in Washington DC.  Patrick and Ann are really the ones that have been to the film festivals and screenings for True Nature.  I really would like to go to more of the screenings though.


  1. Good interview! I haven't talked to Marianne for years, but I know what a special person she is. She'll be great at whatever she decides to do. (Good luck, Marianne!)
    Dave Sanders

  2. Ms. Porter says: "I have chosen not to pursue acting and go with something a little more stable."

    That's a goddamned shame because hers was the best performance I'd seen in a long, long time.