27 February 2013

Psycho IV : The Beginning 1990 - REVIEW

I have had this movie sitting on my shelf for the better part of 6 years and have never given it a viewing.  I got it part of a triple pack with parts 2 and 3.  I do love all of the Psycho movies and while nothing will top the original classic I really have a special place in my heart for the 3rd one.  Making it into almost a modern day slasher flick.  After reading the synopsis of part 4 and that it was mostly a flashback movie and really did not have a whole lot of Anthony Perkins in it I was none too excited.  It is a made for TV movie, but really not as awful as I thought it was going to be.

A late night radio talk show host (CCH Pounder) is doing a show about people who kill their mother.  One of the experts tells the story of his first patient ever.  A man who killed his Mother that ran a motel and even dressed up like her and imitated her voice.  A called calls in to give his story by the name of Ed .  He tells them that years ago he killed his Mother along with a number of other women and men and the fact that he is going to kill again soon.  It soon becomes apparent that the man named Ed they are talking to is none other than Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) who is again out of the hospital and living in a normal home in the suburbs with his wife.  Norman tells the entire story of his life with his Mother (Olivia Hussey) who physically and mentally abused Norman.  Most of the time for no reason at all except the fact that she had no one else to take her anger out on.  The talk show host is intent on getting the whole story out and convincing Norman not to kill again.

For being a prequel and a ton of flashback material I think this movie is actually pretty good.  Not near as good as the other sequels.  I really like what they did with the flashbacks of young Norman.  Showing a few of the other people he killed before he even gave the poison to his Mother.  It was well directed and casted to perfection.  I thought the best performance of the film was from one of the original scream queens herself, Olivia Hussey.  Her presence on screen as Normans abusive Mother is not soon to be forgotten.

I wish they could have made another slasher-like film like the 3rd one was, but in 1990 slasher films had officially run out of steam and it was time for Psycho to take a new turn.  Besides Anthony Perkins at this point was getting older and was sick with HIV and probably not able to put together the performance he once was able too.  It was only 2 years after this movie was made that Anthony passed away.  If you are a Psycho fan I do recommend seeing this to get the whole story on old Normie.  I am glad that I finally gave this a chance.  Even though I like the movie and it's not totally terrible, I think it would have been better to stop after the 3rd one.  Stay twisted everyone!

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    Thanks for your review, very interesting ! I am a big fan of Psycho. I have the original and Psycho 2 and 3.

    I have been looking for Psycho 4 but no one in South Africa seems to stock it! Is there any way I could get a copy ? I tried Amazon, but they said they couldn't deliver here!
    I do have a paypal account and can order from overseas.
    I would really appreciate any help!

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