09 February 2013

Lanark Records - PRESS RELEASE

There is a new record company in America and its name is Lanark Records. Lanark Records is a true Rock n’ Roll record label featuring some of the most endearing artists in the Rockabilly and Roots Rock and Blues scenes. Our musicians can really play their instruments; our studio produces rich and warm records without loops and synthesizers. You’ll never see a “programmer” credit on our record covers and our producers are real musicians. They are not DJ’s. The artists on Lanark Records are all pro musicians who tour the world. Lanark features young and veteran bands that play music with passion and tour relentlessly. They share the vision with Lanark Records of a world filled with great rock n’ roll played from the heart. Our studio session players are the best in the business including the Crosstown Horns who are the coolest horn section this side of Memphis.

Lanark Records’ goal is to bring new music to the fans of the types major labels and media ignore. This includes, but is not limited to, rockabilly, rock and roll, blues, old school country and western, sixties pop, British invasion, Stax’s soul, girl groups, surf music, Americana, folk and roots music.

A current list of our ever-expanding roster includes: the legendary singer Robert Gordon and the equally legendary rockabilly singer and guitar player, Charlie Gracie; Grammy Award winning guitar player from Nashville, Nick Kane; from London, the seminal neo-rockabilly band The Rockats; from Arizona The Devil’s Daughters; Pennsylvania’s own The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns and the super fun Gas House Gorillas! All of these artists will be touring behind new Lanark Record releases this year.

Lanark Entertainment is the parent company of Lanark Records and Lanark Entertainment BMI, (Our publishing division). In addition to signing and releasing artists, we are a full service record company that offers the following professional services: Recording- in our beautiful new studio, art,photography and graphic design for albums, posters, websites and more. Publishing and songwriting, Distribution- both electronic and retail, promotion and marketing.

Lanark Records is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania home of the most dynamic small town music scene in the U.S. 

To learn more, you can go to our website at www.lanarkrecords.net and friend us on .
For interviews and photos, please contact Rich Ruoff at 717-391-9722 or email at rich@lanarkrecords.net.

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