04 February 2013

Richard Wax and Michael Simon Sex Up Zombies with Gay Zombie Erotix

Passion Fruit Productions

Gay Zombie & Gay Zombie Erotix

It’s Warm Bodies for the gay market!

Filmmaker, Michael Simon and author, Richard Wax, have preceded Warm Bodies with
this tale of a sexually confused zombie searching for love.

“Love means never having to say your dead.” - this was the hopeful tagline as Miles the
Zombie journeyed through West Hollywood in Michael Simon’s successful short film.
Gay Zombie screened in 100 festivals, received multiple international distribution deals
and was bought by LOGO/MTV Networks.

“It won’t go down”. - Richard Wax’s erotic adaptation of Gay Zombie guarantees a rise
out of it’s readers as we now see Miles’ past, present and future.

Living with his girlfriend, but cusping on coming out of the closet, Miles is killed and
becomes a zombie just as he is ready to face his own reality. Now a zombie with a
permanent erection (well, rigor mortis HAS set in) Miles goes on a sexual journey of a
lifetime as he makes up for lost time. He meets many colorful characters during his
exploration and falls for the nurse, Carlos, who gave him an examination to die for.
Gay Zombie Erotix is funny, sexy and entertaining at every step. It is available for
download on Amazon’s Kindle for $4.99.

Gay Zombie, the 20 minute short film, is available for sale at www.gayzombie.net.
Michael Simon is a writer/director residing in Los Angeles. His films have all been
picked up for distribution and/or broadcast. Other titles include Is One of You Eddie?,
The Analyst’s Goodbye and his first feature, The Love Patient, which is being distributed
by TLA Releasing worldwide. Gay Zombie premiered at Outfest and won Best Zombie
Film at The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, Phoenix.

Michael was thrilled to have Richard Wax take the reigns with the novella and keep Miles “alive”!

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