09 January 2013

The Last Exorcism Part II Official Trailer

It's only been a few days since the poster for The Last Exorcism Part II was released. The grisly poster depicts a woman contorting her body into the shape of a 2. Now, the trailer has officially dropped. I didn't see the first one and judging by the trailer, I probably won't be seeing this one either. I'm not too into the whole exorcism thing. BUT, for those of you that are......

As Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell tries to build a new life after the events of the first movie, the evil force that once possessed her returns with an even more horrific plan.

The Last Exorcism Part II will hits theaters on March 1 in the US and March 15 in the UK. 

Check out the Facebook page as well as the official website for more information.

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