03 January 2013

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp 2012 - REVIEW

I had heard alot of hype before I decided to pick up this new slasher. All positive reviews, people saying how much fun it was and how much they loved it. I mean Reggie Banister is in it, how could they go wrong. Well, to answer that question: alot can go wrong and not much gone right.

As we start in the year 1977 a group of Christians are spending a weekend at Happy Day Bible Camp. Very sleazy drug addict Christians I might add. All of this sin brings about a crazy nun named Sister Mary Chopper (Tim Sullivan) is there to put a stop to it all. The group is murdered by the axe wielding lunatic. We skip ahead 7 years later and another group has decided to make a weekend retreat at the camp. Led by Father Richard Cummings (Reggie Bannister). The legend of Mary Chopper is still talked about but nothing has happened in 7 years. Is she still around? Guess you will have to find out!

There really is not much to say in the synopsis of this film. The story is really not very elaborate. The film was given the 70's and 80's feel of a true slasher. Slashers usually do not have much of a storyline anyway. Hey, who needs good writers to make a movie? The truth of the matter is this is one of those movies that are so so bad that they are enjoyable. I expected so much more out of this. Maybe I built it up a little too much before I finally watched it.

The acting was so bad. Even Reggie was pretty horrible. His performance was really almost laughable. I don't think there was meant to be anything good about the acting or the deaths or the quality of the film. I am going to say it was meant to be as corny and just downright dumb as it looked. At least that's what I am hoping for. I do believe that if you would take the background story away from the killer it would have been a little better. As it stands it really just made it all that much more weirder. The death scenes could have used a little sprucing up as well. There are good deaths, then their are the deaths when you raise you eyebrows and say WHAT THE FUCK!

Despite my rambling on about this movie I really did enjoy myself. Because , well, I seem to like really bad movies. It does hold a certain amount of charm, and let's face it when Reggie Bannister is in a horror movie you need to see it whether its good or bad. I liked much of the humor in the movie because I went to a Catholic school and was around nuns alot. Not the nicest people you could meet. To see a killer nun and and alot of dirty Catholic humor makes me smile a little. Stay twisted everyone!

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