29 January 2013

Pain is Beautiful Gets Los Angeles Premiere

Los Angeles, California – The serial killer horror feature Pain is Beautiful will have its premiere in Los Angeles and you are invited! Journalists are welcome to attend this event at The Downtown Independent theatre, in the heart of the City of Angels. Seating is limited, so those wishing to attend are encouraged to respond quickly to the email provided as this event is sure to fill to capacity.

Pain is Beautiful involves a tormented man. William Hendricks is a person whose senses have turned on him. He cannot feel pleasure, nor pain. Hendricks attempts to overcome his disability by studying what pain truly is. He captures a series of unwary victims, each of whom he experiments on in a deadly fashion. Few will survive their encounter with this depraved character, who feels pain by inflicting it on others. Pain is Beautiful is an unconventional film that will flip the serial killer genre on its head.

As well, this film hosts a well known cast, many horror fans will know. Director and writer Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams) stars, along with Ivet Corvea (Nude Nuns with Big Guns) and genre favorite Elissa Dowling. All of these cast members will tangle with director Chris Staviski as the killer, Hendricks!

*The premiere date is Monday, February 4th at 9:00pm. Location details are provided below and attendance is free for those in the media. Tickets are provided on a first come, first served basis.

Director: Chris Staviski
Writers: Chris Staviski and Lee Woodford
Cast: Ivet Corvea, Elissa Dowling, Tim Sullivan, Jessica Sonneborn, Mike Pfaff, Lynn Ayala, Brian McCulley and DeeDee Bigelow

Synopsis: “William is a heavily scarred loner who was born with a rare disorder called CIPA, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. He feels no pain and no pleasure. After years of wondering what pain feels like, he decides to go to extreme measures to feel anything. He recruits victims to help him understand what others take for granted. This story will take the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride as William questions if Pain is Beautiful.”

The film’s fan page is here.
The theatre location is here.

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