22 January 2013

DeInstitutionalized LLC Releases the First Trailer for Supernatural Thriller A House is Not a Home

DeInstitutionalized LLC has released the first trailer for the supernatural thriller A House is Not a Home. In the clip, the principal actors can be seen, dealing with an unseen and malevolent force. Actor Bill Cobbs (A Night at the Museum) plays a real estate agent, who sells the Williams family a haunted home. Gerald Webb is Ben Williams. He is a man struggling to keep his family together under chaotic conditions. Meanwhile, actor Eddie Steeples plays an expert on the occult, who attempts to rid the home of an ancient spirit, while Richard Grieco lurks in the shadows. All of these actors and characters will come together in an exciting and action-packed supernatural thriller, which brings something unexpected for horror and thriller fans in its final reels.

A House is Not a Home is now in post-production. This title will now work to find distribution, with a release date soon to be announced.

Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray 

Director of Photography: Alexander Yellen
Producers: Gerald Webb and Christopher Ray
Co-producer: Richard Grieco
Cast: Bill Cobbs, Eddie Steeples, Richard Grieco, and Melvin Gregg

Synopsis: “A House Is Not A Home: Ben (Webb) and Linda Williams move the family into a dream home in a last ditch effort to save their troubled marriage. Despite their good intentions, they cannot shake the feeling that they are being watched by something. Their unimaginable fears are realized when things inside the house take a supernatural and sinister turn. Ben and his family flee for their lives, but it is too late. The house isn't finished with them, trapping the family in its labyrinth. The Williams must come together as never before to fight for their family, their lives and to escape.”

Company Bio: DeInstituionalized LLC is a production company that was developed by producers Christopher Olen Ray and Gerald Webb. Both producers are working to create diversity in their casting and production choices. DeInstitutionalized will continue to produce the best in exciting genres as this company breaks through stereotypes and Hollywood molds to bring entertaining film products to film fans.

More on DeInstitutionalized can be found at the production company’s website:

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