13 January 2013

Out There 2012 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Well, we have yet another short film cashing in on the zombie craze of the past few years ever since The Walking Dead reared it's head and became the #1 show on cable television.  Some are good, some are bad and some are just looking to make their money while it's still in fashion.  What is about to be reviewed is not the same exact zombie movie that you have seen in the past but it's not really anything new either.

Robert (Conor Marren) awakens in the woods blood running down his face with quick flashbacks of something that seemed to be happy at one time.  Now it's just him in a dark wooded area trying to get his bearings as he keeps flashing back to what led him to this place.  Then finally it comes to him.  Him and his significant other were in a car accident when Robert ran over someone.  It becomes abundantly apparent that the person he ran over was not human.  Will they get out alive?

The film itself is pretty unexciting and predictable.  When first watching you really don't know what to expect cause it's just a guy walking around in the woods.  It doesn't take long to figure out what is going on.  The story is unoriginal and all been done before.  Having said all that it does bear some strong points, nothing really substantial though.

The acting was not really that bad.  There was not much of a cast for this film but the lead role was played pretty well.  Most of the film involves only 2 people.  The sound and the quality of the film in general were all in line.  Some nice scenery throughout the film.  They picked some fantastic filming locations that set the mood for what was about to happen.

To sum it all up, not really a fan of this one.  It was only 15 minutes long and I got really bored watching it.  I do like a good zombie movie but this concept is getting to be overdone here lately.  If it has some new original idea's, hey I'm all for it, but the regurgitated stuff needs to stop.  Out There is not a terrible film by any means, but it is terribly unoriginal.  Stay twisted everyone!

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