30 January 2013

Of Silence 2012 - REVIEW

What would you do if you lost the person who was most important to you in the world?  Would you move on?  Would you act normal like nothing happened?  Or would you slowly start to slip in to insanity?  I know it's kind of a dark way to look at things, but it could happen to anyone.  A movie that exploits everyone's fears of what would happen if you world fell apart.

Colby (Jeremiah Sayys) returns home from a trip and is trying to figure out how he is going to deal with the loss of his wife.  Colby is obviously overcome with grief, but also guilt.  Colby feels he had something to do with her death.  Colby's family tries to comfort him and cheer him up, but their efforts are not helping.  He is taking a turn for the worse as he starts to hear and see things.  Colby is slipping into the darkness of his mind, or is it reality could these things be real?

Of Silence is a little different from the horror movies I normally watch.  The dark and dreary tone is commonplace in the face of horror, but there is something different about this one.  The tone is even more dark than the main character's demeanor   There is a great sadness throughout and it really adds to the realistic aspect of this film.  This is something that could happen to anyone.  They lose their husband or wife and do not know how to cope with it.  That to me is a truly scary aspect of this film.

I thought this was very well done.  The tone is set early on in the movie.  One thing that really stands out is the performance by Jeremiah Sayys.  He really sold the grieving husband and making the audience believe he really lost his whole world.  The rest of the cast did an outstanding job as well, but Jeremiah stands out as the title character and really did a great job as the star and the director.  I am really big on what kind of soundtrack was used.  Sometimes the sound can really make or break a film specially independent films.  I think this one passes.  A good soundtrack, not great but good.  The quality is there though and that's what is most important.

I gladly give this movie a nod in the right direction.  The only complaint I have is that it does seem a little depressing at times.  The storyline is really not the cheeriest but that's horror.  When I watch a movie I really don't want to feel like I'm depressed or feel sorry for a character as bad as I did for Colby.  This is not straight up horror though more on the thriller end of the genre.  Even with the sometimes too dreary story I really do think it is a good movie and should be recognized as such.  Would not be surprised to hear that this won some awards at film festivals in the near future if it hasn't already.  Stay twisted everyone!

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