29 January 2013

Rare Behind the Scenes Footage from Necronos Released

While the Rohnstock brothers. Marc and Lars, in Germany are working on their new feature film "The Curse of Doctor Wolfenstein" they have decided to release a 20 min. behind-the-scenes documentary on their last film "Necronos", which is now available in most of the world, most recently it was released in the US by Troma Entertainment.

The clips shows the cast and crew such as Timo Fuchs, Manoush, Mario Zimmerschitt, Thomas Kercmar, Tanja Karius, Franz Zimmerschitt, Patrick Bender, Alaxander Andreszka, Sandra Fleckenstein, Toni Reckert, Saskia Neumueller, Denissa Schmidt, Kim Sønderholm, Chris Vasquez and a lot of others having a lot of fun plus it reveals a lot of secrets and tricks behind the films extremely gory sequences.

Warning: The clip contains brief nudity and gory detalis and is not for the squeemish!

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