01 January 2013

A Chance In Hell 2011 (short film) - REVIEW

The Walking Dead has really sparked a craze in the past couple years. Zombie movies have always been around and there have been some great ones.  There is something to say about originality though.  For me I like a good story rather than just walking around and shooting zombie's. 

The year is 1944 in Nazi Germany.  They bring a girl in from what looks like a concentration camp. 
They strap her on a table and inject her with some sort of medicine.  She has now turned into a zombie.  The Nazi's have created the perfect weapon against the U.S.  Now Americans are in Germany and have more than the Nazi's to worry about.  Hungry zombies are lurking everywhere.  Waiting to feed on anyone they come across.

I really think this short was really well written,  but half of the film feels too much like a video game.  Soldiers creeping around a dark warehouse type space taking out zombies and a few soldiers lost in the process.  The story itself is really clever, showing a scenario were the Nazi's implemented a defense that no other nation had and would make them almost unstoppable.  It's always been speculated and eluded too in Hollywood that the Nazi's tried to find supernatural or zombie like weapons.  This film too that to a whole new level.

Another part of the film that I really enjoyed was the soundtrack.  They did a phenomenal job of capturing the dark and dreary undertone that is set. It was not made cheap by any means, the quality is great and all the sound effects are right on.  People don't realize how really important that is in independent horror.  If your movie sounds really bad like you just used all the sounds that the camera captures it's going to make your movie a failure.  The film is a half hour long which is a little longer than most shorts, but it's very enjoyable at the same time so the time is not an issue.

My final thought on A Chance in Hell is that I really thought it was solid.  Kept me in to it from beginning to end.  Zombie movies these days really are not hard to find but the way to separate your film from the rest is to try something new.  While this is not totally a new concept, I really have not seen anything quite like this one. You can purchase the movie on their website:  www.scotchworthy.com.  Stay twisted everyone!

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