28 April 2012

Death Do Us Part Official Trailer

Vancouver – April 26, 2012 – Nine Worlds Entertainment is pleased to announce that the official trailer for the upcoming Horror film Death Do Us Part premiered at the Vancouver Fan Expo and is now available online. To view the trailer and find out more about the film, visit the Death Do Us Part website at http://www.deathdouspartmovie.com/, on Facebook or on Twitter: @DDUPMovie.

Death Do Us Part is about six friends who go to a remote cabin in the woods to celebrate a Jack and Jill bachelor party. Out in the middle of nowhere, things take a horrifying turn when members of the group are brutally picked off one by one. What starts out as a celebration quickly descends into a bloody nightmare. Friendships are ripped apart and accusations fly in this blood filled psychological horror with a whodunit twist.

Starring Julia Benson (Stargate Universe), Peter Benson (The Killing), Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary), Christine Chatelain (Riese: Kingdom Falling), Kyle Cassie (Lost Boys: The Tribe), Benjamin Ayres (Vampire Diaries), Dave Collette (Level Up), and Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica).

Death Do Us Part was written and produced by Peter Benson (Kits), Julia Benson (Kits) and Ryan Copple (Riese: Kingdom Falling) and directed by Nicholas Humphries (Riese: Kingdom Falling and Screamfest LA 2011 Winner for Best Short, The Little Mermaid).

About Nine Worlds Entertainment:
Founded in January 2011 by Peter Benson, Julia Benson and Ryan Copple, Nine Worlds Entertainment is a Vancouver based Production Company with many projects in various stages of development. Currently they are working with BBC Worldwide Productions on a half hour comedy series. The team at Nine Worlds has also been working with Aircraft Pictures and Dolphin Entertainment on a children’s comedy series as well as a sci-fi action series. The company is focusing on creating and producing content that is relevant and commercially viable both domestically and internationally.

“The industry is changing and more than ever it’s imperative that we generate our own work. This was the driving force behind the making of Death Do Us Part. We have such an amazing film community in Vancouver and everyone came together to create what we feel is a pretty fun ride. We’re very excited to be sharing the beginnings of all our hard work.” – Julia Benson

Press Contacts:

Julia Benson
Producer, Death Do Us Part

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