04 April 2012

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Suvivor 2012 - Review

How long I have waited for a good sequel to the Sleepaway  Camp film series.  The webmaster at http://www.sleepawaycampfilms.com/ decided to put together the little recorded footage from Sleepaway Camp 4 that never came to be.  Filming started in 1992 and after 1 day commenced when they ran out of money.  This movie was put together with clips from the original three movies and the part 4 footage inserted in there as well.  This is my review of my opinion of the completed project.

The main character in this film is Allison (Carrie Chambers).  The beginning of the movie explains that Allison is suffering from horrifying nightmares of murders from a summer camp and her doctor tells her that she is to revisit the summer camp were the murders happen so that she can have closure to her nightmares.  Allison is laying out in the sun at a lake remembering the events (through clips of the previous 3 movies).  Angela was never caught.  Could Allison be Angela, or could she be a victim that escaped?  She is going to find out the hard way!

Now let me start by saying the stock footage as well as actual footage for The Survivor looks horrible.  The sound is super crappy and everything is so grainy it looks worse than a VHS version. Sleepaway Camp was never noted for having really good acting by Carrie Chambers is fucking awful.  She is nice to look at but that is about it.  No one in the actual movie can act.  The best acting comes from the clips of the first 3 movies. I really can't comment on the directing because being its just footage from an unfinished movie there really is none.  The group that put this together did put a nice back story to have a jumping off point.  It all goes downhill from there.

Having said all of that, this movie was not made to be a masterpiece.  It was put together to bring closure to a movie that was never finished.  Sometimes its just better to leave well enough alone.  I was excited when I heard this was coming out but i also knew it was not going to be the best movie I had ever seen.  I still expected it to look better than The Blair Witch Project.  If more than $500.00 was spent making this then I would be amazed.  The fact that they can put a price on this of  $15.00 is ridiculous.  People will pay that much for it because there are loyal fans to the series, and even fans that actually like this piece of shit.  The fact that they put the production footage in the box set back in 2002 I thought was awesome.  Why ruin that?  Why take footage from 3 great films and lump it with this piece of shit.  Take my advice save your money and if the price ever got down to a couple dollars I would say consider buying it. I am a loyal fan of the series and wanted to like this so much that I even watched it again yesterday to give it another chance.  I did not even get through an hour of it before I was bored enough to turn it off and watch something that was actually good.  The reviews on part 4 have been mixed so far, and you can chalk this one up in the negative column.  Stay twisted everyone!

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