16 April 2012

Fetish Dolls Die Laughing 2011 - REVIEW

Director: David Silvio Stars: Laura Romeo, Michael McGovern, Aaron Bernard, Tiffany Apan and David Dietz Being raised on 80s and 90s Direct to Video horror movies is one thing that I tend to pride myself on. Then it seemed like with the invent of DVDs that the DTV faded away for a while. However in my neck of the woods I am happy that I have access to several indie filmmakers that fill this void in my life.
So from the moment I saw the title of this movie, I felt nothing but nostalgia from my youth and knew that for better or worse I had to watch this movie.

Most people upon first viewing of this film will dismiss it as either not having enough horror or not including enough fetish. Even I was guilty of this. However it wasn't until my seconding viewing that I discovered that the movie has more going for it than what appears on the surface. It was also during my second viewing that I realized that this isn't really a horror movie, but more like an extremely off beat film noir that caters to foot fetishists.
So if your movie watching habits are anything at all like mine, and you have a healthy appreciation of all things that are bizarre and unique you must give this movie a chance. I mean really, where else will you see a movie that features a villain called "The Tickle Monster"? You know as well as I do that you aren't. Available on DVD on April 24th, 2012 you can pre-order here from Amazon.com.
Reviewed by: pourthegas

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