23 April 2012

Assassins 2011 (Short Film) - Review

Before I became a Horror freak I watched a great deal of action movies.  Well, I really did not watch them willingly all the time but all the same it was the main genre I watched and enjoyed.  Explosions, gunfights,martial arts, it was all good.  I did always find the job of an assassin very intriguing. Always so cunning and calculating, so smart that they are never out witted.

Starting with our main character Nathan (Bill Oberst Jr) sitting in his car waiting for the right time.  He walks into the apartment he was sitting outside of.  Walking in and knowing someone has just done a job here and is nowhere to be seen.  The person that did the job was in the bathroom reflecting on the terrible thing he had just done.  He comes out to find Nathan sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of water.  He puts his gun to Nathan's head and threatens his life.  Nathan being the quick talker that he is calmly convinces him to sit across from him and put his gun down.  They talk about the job that was just done.  You will never believe what happens next!

This film was put together very well, from the direction all the way to the acting by our 2 main characters.  It was directed by Michael Bonomo who did an outstanding job with this.  The angles and the subtle violence that graces the screen.  The only acting in this film is done by Bill Oberst Jr really.  He is as brilliant in this as anything he has done in his career.  Very cool, calm and collected almost like he is as comfortable on in front of the camera as watching football on Sunday afternoon with a beer in hand. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning to end.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I am also excited to add that this is being made into a feature film.  The Indiegogo campaign will start Monday April 23rd.  The feature film will also star Bill Oberst Jr as Nathan the Assassin.  Because of the quality of this short and the fact that we want to be able to share with everyone the short film in its entirety on Twisted Central.  Below is the You Tube link that you can view the film in its entirety.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.  Also you can click here http://indiegogo.com/Assassins if you would like to support the feature film project.

The Photos used in the review were taken by Rebekah N. Patent.


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