28 April 2012

The Sweet Hand of the White Rose 2010 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Since Hollywood seems intent on distributing nothing but regurgitated crap these days a lot of Indie filmmakers have stepped up to the plate to focus more on social issues. Some are more in your face than others like Travis Legge's Event Invitation, a short film that hit on the subjects of bullying and social media at the same time. There are films everywhere that document social issues around the world and this day and age there is no shortage of "issues". 

Mark (Carlos Bahos) is having a really bad day and decides he just wants to get away from it all. But one little mistake will change his life forever.

The dialogue is very minimal in this film as it relies heavily on narration from the two main characters, Bahos and co-star Natasha Machuca, at least in the beginning. Once the two characters intersect, there is pretty much no dialogue at all. But this only serves to enhance the stylishness of the film proving that sometimes less really is more. Director Davide Melini manages to take two somewhat tortured concepts and put them together creating a clever, captivating, well paced short film. While the "twist ending" is a bit predictable, it takes nothing away from the intensity of the over all story. What it boils down to is that this is a very entertaining short that's definitely worth a watch. I'm reluctant to tell you anything about the plot because anything I say about the 15+ minutes will give away everything good about it so just take the time and check it out below.

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