24 April 2012

The Dead Hour 2011 (Web Series) Review

This review is going to be done a little different. I will do a synopsis of each episode then give my thoughts about the whole series and not just each episode.  This is season 2 of the web series The Dead Hour.  There are 5 episodes first one airing Oct 18th, 2011 and the last airing Feb 28th, 2012.  The Dead Hour is an anthology series that centers around a sexy radio DJ (Melissa Holder) that airs dark and twisted stories every week.
Webisode 1: "Fear Fest" - Frankie a very attractive woman is on a first date with Finch at an all night Horror film fest.  Frankie seems to be very reluctant to going and very enthused.  Finch is a Horror geek and lives for this.  A total of 4 movies will be playing and in each screening there is an unexpected surprise for the audience.  This may be Frankie's first and last all night fright fest.

Webisode 2: "Fame" - Cara (Brandi Facholas) moved to Hollywood with the ambition of becoming an actress.  It is not as easy as she thought and its taking too long for her to get her break into show business.  She is getting desperate and is running out of options.  She fires her agent who is not getting anywere and goes to an audition she found in the paper.  It seems too good to be true, but there is a catch.  How far will she go to make her dream come true?

Webisode 3: "Backseat" - Alone in a cornfield Heather (Jazmyne Van Houten) and her boyfriend Jason (Matthew Dillon) are making out when it comes over the radio about another teenager being murdered.  Heather reaches to call her parents to let them know she is ok , but Jason stops her and suggests to go in the backseat.  She agrees and they proceed to make out in the backseat and go farther if Jason has anything to say about it.  Heather stops Jason several times because of the noises she hears.  Jason goes to check it out, but is in for something more startling when he comes back to the car.

Webisode 4: "Inside Man" - This story deals with an agoraphobic man named Tony (Andre Davis) who has just moved into a new home by himself and is trying to deal with his fears of the outside world.  Tony is having trouble adjusting to his new home and wakes up every night to strange noises.  His sister Sil (Francesca Hogan) and her husband Marcus (John Brooks Jr) hire a psychiatrist to come to the house and help Tony with his fears.  None of them know what they are in for!

Webisode 5: "Gross Anatomy" - Two medical students Natalie (Chelsie Hartness) and Mort (Paul Albers) are working the late shift in the morgue cutting up a cadaver.  Natalie takes a break and walks down the hall, and calls her husband.  She comes back to find the cadaver missing.  Mort sneaks up on her scaring her and revealing that he just moved the cadaver over with the others.  Natalie goes to the restroom while Mort is very arrogantly studying.  What he has to worry about is not in a book, it's right behind him!

As I started watching the episodes of this show I started to wonder why this show had not been picked up as a T.V. series.  The acting is great and I have to say I have never heard of one of the actors in any of the episodes and I would not doubt if I started to hear their names more often.  Judging by their IMDB pages most of the actors are relatively new to the industry.  As for the quality and direction of the show, its fantastic.  The quality is so good i thought i was watching it on my 46 inch T.V. and not my computer monitor.  The writing reminds me of the writing that Tales From the Crypt had the difference is there was more humor in tales were this has more scares. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2nd season of this show.  I'm going to make it a point to go ahead and watch the first season as well.  I am a sucker for anthology shows so this was right up my alley. Having watched all the Tales From the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside episodes numerous times I think I have found my new favorite show.  Well, not true favorite I do enjoy the Walking Dead a great deal as well.  My favorite episode from this season was "Fame".  Brandi Facholas plays a fantastic role without a great supporting cast around her.  The episode revolves around her and she makes that known.  Enough of me telling you how great this is, see for yourself at www.thedeadhour.com.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Facebook is www.facebook.com/magnumpictures and Twitter @deadhour.  Stay twisted everyone!

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