29 April 2012

Under the Scares 2010 - REVIEW

When I watch a Horror movie I think to myself, "I could do this.  Make a Horror movie that would be easy."  When in all actuality its not easy to come up with the money, get good actors (not your friends), and have a good sounding product.  Anyone can pick up a movie camera and film their girlfriend running around in the woods with her shirt off and boobs flopping everywhere about to be killed by a hooded figure.  It takes so much more than that to make a product that people will actually watch from beginning to end.

Under the Scares is a documentary about the inside of low budget and the independent Horror industry.  From giving tips to young filmmakers to weighing in  with their opinions about how a movie is made.  This documentary is packed full of stars from some of the best independent Horror movies such as Lloyd Kaufman of Troma, Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens and Horror icon George A Romero and  many more. Do you want to know what it takes to make a good Horror movie?  Then you definitely need to watch this film.

Director Steve Villeneuve did an awesome job putting this together.  It gives people the inside look of the world of Horror that you have never seen.  Almost a how to type of show from what it takes to keep your actors happy, to how important it is to have a good sounding movie.  I did not realize that if your movie did not sound good that no matter how good it looks people will not want to watch it.  Steve did a great job gathering together all the filmmakers, actors and even effects specialists.  There is not much acting to speak of except for the commentary and interviews from the stars that have made this genre what it is.  The only acting is displayed in the clips from some of the better independent films, and don't worry folks the clips are all the good scenes.  Plenty of blood and gore to go around.

I am not a huge fan of documentaries but there are certain Horror documentaries that I am a fan of.  This is now one of them.  Under the Scares is an amazing film and needs to be viewed by anyone that is a fan of the genre or has any aspirations of making their own short or feature film someday.  They show you all the ins and outs and what it takes to make it in this business.  Whats even more important is you are being told by the people who have made this genre what it is today.  My favorite section of the film that had me intrigued was the section about creating the right sound for your movie.  Explaining in depth on what not to do and what to do to make it sound as good as an expensive film at the showcase cinemas.  If you think buying a camcorder from Best Buy and have all your friends try to act in your movie is the way to go, well you may be disappointed when no one wants to watch it.  Stay twisted everyone!

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