16 April 2012

Bunnyman 2009 - REVIEW

I've always been a fan of "bad" horror films. You know, the ones with comical effects, laughable monsters and cheesy dialogue. Ghoulies comes to mind, it's a fun film that never takes itself too seriously which in turn, keeps the viewer thoroughly entertained. But, what Charles Band film doesn't keep audiences entertained? What I'm not a fan of are films that claim to be "horrific" but are really nothing but a ridiculous slap in the face to genre fans. News flash filmmakers, horror fans are not stupid. We know what we like and don't like. Yes, this is just my opinion but on this page, mine is all that matters :)

A group of road-tripping friends fight for their lives against a vicious madman whose fluffy cute costume masks his bloody true intentions. Driving home through a remote region of Southern California following an impromptu weekend trip to Las Vegas, the friends realize that something is terribly amiss when a massive dump truck starts to bear down on their tiny sedan. But the real nightmare begins after their car is run off the road, and the only family for miles is a clan of hungry cannibals. The most dangerous of the bunch is a man so irreparably damaged by years of childhood abuse that he now hides behind a bunny suit in order to avoid making a complete break from reality. Now, as the madman's rage takes over, his horrified prey fights back to avoid becoming rabbit food.

I normally have a formula as to what order a review goes in, it's just my preference so readers know what to expect but I'm actually going to forgo that this time, know why? Because there wasn't one single character in this film that I gave a shit about. They were so over the top idiotic that it literally angered me. Can that be attributed to green actors? Maybe but I'm sure it has more to do with the laughable script they were given. I'm really not sure who would read that script and say "Oh yeah, I gotta be a part of that!" It blows my mind. This film was so fucking stupid it took me four times to watch it... four TIMES! Two of which, the hubs actually got up and walked out of the room. I can summarize this whole film for you in just a few sentences.
  1. A character is there, then gone and never spoken about again. 
  2. The rest continue on without EVER looking for a place to hide from this maniac in a stupid fucking bunny suit who's chasing them. 
  3. Characters, who serve no purpose at all and do nothing to move the story forward, pop in and out of this film like a game of Whack-a-Mole. 
You can't even keep up and after the first 10 minutes, you really don't fucking want to. Just in case you're keeping a "fuck" count, that's three (four counting that last one) and I'm not even half way done.

Right about now you have to be saying that surely there is a redeeming quality about this film.... and you're right there was one. The blood sprayer without a doubt stole the show! That's the only effect you really get out of this 90 minutes of hell. Yep, dude in a shitty bunny costume chasing people around the woods with a chainsaw and all you get for gore is some blood spray. No severed limbs or guts falling out or decapitations. Nothing but blood spray. I get it, you have a small budget but that is no excuse to make a shitty film. It was poorly shot, the sound quality was more than atrocious and last but not least, it just didn't make any sense. The freaky bunny thing actually could've been great had it been done right... Hello, Donnie Darko... but this was just bad and that's not even the end of it because apparently there is a Bunnyman 2.

I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. I think getting on a motorcycle, driving down the highway at 80 MPH while being pelted by June Bugs would be less painful than sitting through this crap. Why am I so hard on this film? Because I love horror and I especially love Indie horror and when I see films like this it makes me understand why some people out there think horror films are a joke. A lot of people don't respect the genre and it's because of bullshit like this. What's even more irritating is that over on the film's IMDb review page there are people bitching about the negative reviews it's received and how they don't understand. Some get down right pissy about it. So here's my question to those people... If you are allowed to have and speak your opinion about this film, why is no one else allowed the same courtesy without backlash from you? Who are you to tell someone their opinion is wrong? With that, I'm done with this ridiculous attempt at a horror film. I've wasted too much time on it already.

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