21 September 2014

J.R.'s Top 5 list of Horror Movies for 1987

The late 80's hold a special place for me because it was when I started watching horror movies.  I may have only been 7 or 8 but I knew what was a good movie.  1987 looking at the list of horror movies released, I am finding it really hard to pick just 5.  Love the picks or hate them, this is my top 5 of 1987.

The Prom Night sequels are guilty pleasures of mine.  Prom Night II is so much fun you can't help but  have a blast watching it.  True it does not have anything to do with the original and does not star Jamie Lee Curtis but it is a great watch and I highly recommend it!

The follow up to the anthology horror success of Stephen King and George Romero is my number 4.  I could watch this movie probably once a week and never get tired of it.  It has just the right mixture of cheese and just good horor.  There are only 3 stories on this one opposed to the original that had 5 but it does not lack in quality.

This great film I really did not see till much later.  Mainly because the movie poster and the previews freaked me out when I was little and I was too terrified to see it.  I am a sucker for killer doll movies like this and Puppetmaster.  Guy Rolfe is such a great actor too.  His performance is one of the reasons I love this movie.

I am not a huge fan of vampire movies but this is one of best in my opinion.  Packed with a cast of young and virtually unknown actors at the time makes this movie so enjoyable.  I have to mention also that Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander will be appearing at the Twisted Tails Film Festival hosted by Twisted Central.

This film has to be my number 1 for 1987.  Not only is it the best out of the franchise in my opinion but it is also the first horror movie that I ever watched.  This movie started it all for me.  It totally scared the shit out of me at that age but I still loved it and Freddy Krueger.

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  1. The Lost Boys is an absolutely amazing film! Loved this one...