29 September 2014

Jake's Road Now Available In-store and on VOD

BATON ROUGE, LA Jake’s Road, a full length suspense thriller that descends into horror by writer/director Mike Mayhall and starring Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables, The Cable Guy), Garrett Hines (Green Lantern, Last Vegas) and Leticia Jimenez (CW’s ‘The Originals’ and USA Networks ‘Satisfaction’), hits stores today. Winner, ‘Best Picture’ at the 2014 New Orleans Horror Film Festival and ‘Best Suspense Thriller’ New Mexico Fright Night, Jake’s Road promises edge-of-your seat entertainment that has already thrilled film festival audiences across the country.

Storyline: Waking in a hospital, bruised and beaten, a young man struggles to piece together the events of a horrifying weekend. Amid flashes of relaxing with friends, the image of a killer begins to emerge - creeping ever closer. Somewhere within his memories and the madness lies the key to the killer’s identity, which, once discovered, may be more horrific than the murders themselves. Set in rural southern Louisiana Jake’s Road is a tale of family and how one moment can rip loved ones apart or bind them forever. With enough twists and turns to keep viewers guessing until the very end, we discover what drives a man to kill all that he loves and fight for all that he has.

Suspense and Horror film lovers will want to own this gripping film, which Michael DeFellipo of HorrorSociety.com says is ‘9 out of 10 stars. AMAZING,’ and ‘easily the best indie horror-thriller of the year.’

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