15 September 2014

Watch Indie Slasher Blood Was Everywhere Free Online

Blood Was Everywhere is now available to stream for free on Vimeo and YouTube. Simply search "#bwe4free" on either site to watch the independent horror film.

Vimeo streaming link: http://vimeo.com/105313694

YouTube streaming link: http://youtu.be/hyirW8wSyzA

The online premiere represents a brand-new director's cut of the film, including an all-new opening sequence and a blood-curdling alternate ending.

"We are artists and thinkers, not really business folk," writer-director Jason Torrey elaborates. "We wanted to make a kick ass, original slasher movie, the kind we would like to watch ourselves. For us, it's just about giving people the opportunity to see it. What better way than through free services like Vimeo and YouTube?"

In Blood Was Everywhere, a killer wreaks havoc on the lives of average people in a small Massachusetts town. Inspired by the classic slashers of the late ’70s and early ’80s, the film offers a chilling concoction of horror, thriller, mystery and character study.

Blood Was Everywhere's cast includes Paul Kratka (Friday the 13th Part III), Larry Holden (Batman Begins), Vanessa Leigh (Almost Human), Sean Sullivan (Murder University) and a number of upcoming actors, including Ashley Arnold, Kimberly Simone, Phil Ristaino, John Westcott and Dita Prenn.

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