29 September 2014

New Artwork Released for The Divine Tragedies

Los Angeles, California – Brothers Jon and James Kondelik are moving closer to the final reveal of their serial killer thriller The Divine Tragedies. This film has already completed production, with several new and older horror veterans attached. Based on the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case, Dual Visions presents a new poster for the film here.
The Divine Tragedies is a film which takes its story from truth. Leopold and Loeb were two intellectuals, who thought they could get away with the perfect murder, in 1924’s Chicago. In Jose Prendes’ vision, the two killers are brothers. Set in the modern era, Charles Brubaker (Graham Denman) and Thomas Lo Bianco (Jon Kondelik) believe they are above the law and they kill without mercy. Their murders become more and more gruesome, until Detective Homer (Ken Foree) is able to intervene. But, Homer is only a few steps away from his own tragedy.

Early reviews have been favourable for the film. Josh Soriano of the horror website Icons of Fright noted the film’s many influences: “like the word of Palahniuk through the eyes of David Lynch…an uncompromising and original horror.” The Divine Tragedies is surreal in scope as imagined by director Prendes. As well, Matt (Boiselle) enjoyed the film’s darker tones: “ferocious. This tragedy is simply divine, one of the better films I’ve personally dropped eyeballs on in some time.” Both of these quotes are featured in the film’s latest artwork. You can feast your eyes on the bloody graphic here.

Director: Jose Prendes.
Producers: Jon and James Kondelik.
Cast: Lynn Lowry, Ken Foree, Sean Whalen, Graham Denman and Jon Kondelik.

For more info on the film, you can visit The Divine Tragedies’ Facebook page:

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