13 September 2014

All Hallows Eve 2013 - REVIEW

I have heard some really great things about this film so I thought I would give it a watch because it was fairly inexpensive.  I knew it was anthology horror but what I did not know was it is also a found footage movie, ugh!  I'm not a huge fan of found footage.  There are a few that are ok but it is a fad in movies that is getting overused and I'm just not a fan.  On the other hand I bought it so I may ad well watch it.  I mean a creepy clown is on the cover.

Sarah (Katie Mcguire) is babysitting 2 adolescent brats and one of them gets a vhs tape in his trick or treat bag.  They put it in and it turns out to be 3 stories of horror all revolving around a psychotic murderous clown.  Sarah puts the kids to bed after the first story because of how brutal it is but she continues to watch the tape.  She does not realize what she is in for.  A night of terror like she has never seen before.

So I was pretty surprised by the movie being found footage.  Having said that I have to say I did not totally hate it.  It really wasn't as good as I had anticipated but it still was a pretty creepy little piece.  The acting was nothing special really.  The kids are mediocre at best and the main character played by Katie Mcguire in the wrap around story is pretty mediocre as well.  I am really just on the fence on how much I actually like this film.  I may have to watch this one a few times to determine that.

The 3 stories on the vhs are ok.  It actually is pretty scary and I can definitely see someone loving this movie just for the fact that it actually scares them.  I am a huge sucker for anthology horror so no matter if its found footage I am going to watch all of them.  It is a Halloween themed movie so I can definitely suggest to pick this one up and you got yourself a decent scary movie to watch on Halloween night.  I would give this one 5 out of 5 stars.  Stay twisted everyone!

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