09 September 2013

Demon Now Available On Demand

Demon, which will be available on DVD December 3rd, is now available for On Demand viewing. Cable subscribers can check their listings Cox, AT&T, Verizon, Charger, Suddenlink and more. Internet On Demand is currently rolling out on outlets such as Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox and many others.

About the Film:

Demon is the story of a military experiment in creating the perfect killing machine gone wrong. When the genetically mutated gets on the loose it wreaks havoc with its insatiable appetite for human flesh. A special agent (Jasmine Waltz) is sent in to take it down. Jasmine Waltz is a media starlet known best in the tabloid world for dating celebrities such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Seacrest. Her biggest controversies are from her sex tape and rumored punching of Lindsey Lohan. In the world of film & television she is known for her role in the 2011 critically acclaimed film Love and her appearances of the show Femme Fatales.

Full Synopsis:

After being cleared in an internal investigation, FBI Special Agent Nicole Diaz is reinstated and sent back home to the town of Oro Negro to help solve the bizarre murders of two agents. She's met with disdain by the local Sheriff, a good ol' boy who doesn't believe they are being taken seriously and is insulted they sent a woman.

At first, it's thought the killings are random acts committed by smugglers or drug dealers, that is until the resident Tribal Ranger realizes the bodies have been drained of blood and suspects it is something more, but his beliefs are dismissed.

Soon after, a mysterious woman and her aide appear during an autopsy and claim responsibility for creating the perfect killing machine. A creature designed specifically for desert warfare to be used by the military. It has escaped and they need help reacquiring it. Unsure who to believe or trust, Nicole assembles a team and they set out to capture the creature.

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