26 September 2013

Fear (1996) - REVIEW

Now I know this movie isn't what you would consider a true horror movie but it is a bit of a thriller, so that's close enough.  I watched this recently and had forgot how really awesome this movie was and the great performances of the main cast.  Chalk full of young stars that really had not made it big yet including a rapper who turned out to be a much better actor than musician.  This movie came out when I was still in high school, YIKES!!

Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) leads a pretty normal teenage life.  Lives with her father (William Peterson) her step mom (Amy Brenneman) and her step brother.  She does not get along really well with her Father and he plans a family night out to the James Taylor concert.  Only he has to cancel because of work and Nicole is off to a warehouse party with her friend Marcy (Alyssa Milano) were she meets the seemingly sweet David McCall (Mark Wahlberg).  David and Nicole begin to date but as a little time passes she sees that something is not right with him and his fits of rage.  David gets very possessive to the point of almost complete insanity.  David was not the man Nicole thought he was an now no one is safe not even Nicole's family!

I have to say that this was exactly as I remembered it.  This movie still holds up.  It was funny to see how young everyone was in the cast and how good all their performances still were so early on in their career.  Mark Wahlberg had not had many big leading roles such as this before this point except for the Basketball Diaries were he was a main character but not a lead.  He played the part of a lunatic to perfection.  Going from the sweet man who loved his car to the psycho path who would kill anyone in his way of him and his girl.  Reese also did a standout job in this as well.  If this was a slasher movie she would have been a scream queen.

Fear has always been a favorite movie of mine I just need to watch it more often I guess.  I remember back when it was released, to a teenager it was the coolest movie out at the time.  Like I said before it still holds up.  I would rate this 7 out of 10 stars for the performances alone not to mention the great writing.  Stay twisted everyone!  

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