20 September 2013

Pascal Cooper's Gone Dark Gets Release Date

GONE DARK will be released to the world on Video on Demand November 1st, 2013. Final carriers to be announced. Following that the film will be officially released on DVD January 7th, 2014!

About the Film:
GONE DARK is a bloody and brutal romp that challenges the envelope by pushing it in every way it possibly can. Guns, drugs, babes, GONE DARK has it all. Featuring memorable performances by cult film superstar Bill Oberst, Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Blackout, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Take This Lollipop, The Secret Life of Bees). The film has been described by Rance Howard (Ron Howard’s father and one of the film’s main stars) as "The project, or the material, the script, reminded me of Pulp Fiction, and I thought, well, gee, you know this maybe can out pulp Pulp Fiction." GONE DARK is Natural Born Killers meets Kill Bill and is sure to leave audiences talking. Another cult sensation is born.

Five years ago Jack's partners helped him fake his death. When his little sister Kim becomes an agent she finds evidence that shows his partners killing him and blames them for his death. She goes off the grid to hunt them down and starts climbing the drug food chain to find Jack's former friend and closest partner, Slick, who took the blame for pulling the trigger on Jack. When the company finds out what's going on they send in several cleaners to clean up the mess they already tried to cover up. Everything gets bloody when Jack finds himself in the middle of an every man for himself hunt to the death where only the last man standing will walk away.

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  1. Worst acting and directing I have ever Encountered. Awful student film vibe. All the actors talking ruins the script and the story. No directing at all.