20 September 2013

New Stills Released for Circus of the Dead Starring Bill Oberst Jr.

Actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow) has recently wrapped a lead role as a necrophiliac clown in Circus of the Dead. Several early stills from the film have been released of Oberst Jr. and others, courtesy of director Billy Pon. The film’s story involves a deadly circus and a group of sadistic clowns; these clowns want to play some games, with those they have captured. Circus of the Dead also stars Parrish Randall (Gut Instincts), Brad Potts (Puppet Master X: Axis Rising), Chanel Ryan, Ryan Clapp, Rusty Edwards and Mike Williams. This title is currently in post-production and horror fans can preview several bloody stills, here.
Actor Oberst Jr. has something to say about his character Papa Corn. Oberst Jr. describes Corn as "a homicidal serial rapist with a taste for necrophilia. His day job happens to be as a circus clown. He and his highly-disturbed fellow clowns use the circus as cover for some of the darkest and most graphic acts of violence I have ever seen in a script or on set." Circus of the Dead is full out gory horror! Oberst Jr. also promises brutality, from Corn: "the effects team, led by Marcus Koch and Matthew Ash, has been churning out corpses and body parts non-stop for the entire 5-week shoot.” This film will satisfy even the most experienced gorehounds.

Circus of the Dead will also shock fans, in just a few months. Oberst Jr. gives fans a behind-the-scenes account of the shoot “we've sawed off heads, hands and tongues; we have stripped the skin off a living man's face, drooled clown slime on multiple females in varying states of undress and I have chased a stark naked woman through a parking garage, with a real cattle prod!” Circus of the Dead charts new horror territory in 2014!
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Bill Oberst Jr: Circus of the Dead is the 10th feature completion this year for Oberst Jr. Oberst Jr. is an actor, whom Variety magazine recently called "chilling" and whose Emmy winning performance in Jason Zada's viral Facebook app’ “Take This Lollipop” has topped over 100 million views at http://www.takethislollipop.com. Recently, Oberst Jr. has played the lead in Jourdan McClure's Children Of Sorrow, a multiple festival winner. Children of Sorrow is slated for an early 2014 release by After Dark Films.

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  1. Thanks for this Gore Whore! Always a pure pleasure to be mentioned on Twisted Central...Circus Of The Dead is going to be something special - was the most brutal script (and shoot) I've ever been a part of. Billy Pon pulls no punches. I'll keep you updated as I get word on when the film will be ready for public consumption; Billy says he's pushing for spring 2014.

    your friend,