30 October 2013

Special Viewing on 10/31 of the Short Film "The End"

4 Nottingham Film Companies Announce Exclusive

5 Hour Online Film Release – Halloween, 31st Oct 13

This Halloween (31st Oct 2013), 4 Nottingham film companies - Coldwater Canyon
Pictures, We Are Heroes Films, N-FX, Output Audio - are releasing their
collaborative Zombie/Thriller short film “THE END”. The 8 minute film will be
exclusively released via an unlisted (unsearchable) online link for 5 hours only. The
free link will be released on the film’s Facebook page, the companies’ websites and
the filmmakers’ personal social profiles.

The film will be viewable from 5pm – 10pm, shortly after 10pm the link will be deleted
and the film will then go into preparation ready for Festivals and Distribution.
The link will be posted on the Facebook fan page here:  https://www.facebook.com/ColdwaterandHeroesEnd?ref=profile


A mother and daughter take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse, hiding from the
zombies chasing them. Once the daughter drifts off to sleep, we discover the mother
has been bitten and the other zombies are closing in…

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