18 October 2013

Jabb Pictures Announces Premiere of I Am No One

There were 506 murders committed in Chicago, IL last year.
Only 129 were solved.
Welcome to the horrifying world of Charles Lake.

This Documentary film takes viewers inside the chaotic world of Charles Lake. A normal enough man by day, Lake opens up to the camera at night to reveal his darker side. I AM NO ONE puts you up close and personal with a killer. Walk with Lake as he stalks his prey, stand over his victims as they lay dying, listen as Lake describes in detail how and why he is a monster. This film is an unflinching view into the mind of a serial killer.

Official Trailer

I AM NO ONE will World Premiere at Days of the Dead- Chicago November 17th at 1:00pm

For more information about JABB pictures visit http://www.jabbpictures.com/

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