09 October 2013

Rum Punch Productions Extends Release for Young High and Dead

Rum Punch Productions extends the up and coming release to their debut film YOUNG HIGH AND DEAD.

Due to the strong UK release and increasing demand we would like to announce that we will be widening the USA release this Halloween (31st October) to a worldwide VOD release exclusively on Vimeo On Demand.

Further News: We are also pleased to announce that young, High and Dead will be attending London's MCM Comic Con 25th to 27th October 2013. The films Writer/Director Luke Brady will be there ready to chat about his film, plus there will be some exclusive pre release Blu Rays and DVD's as well as some of the props from the film and other unique related memorabilia.

A personal note from the Writer/Director Luke Brady:
“Since Young, High and Dead got it's UK VOD release the feedback and support has been incredible, I know that as a relatively unknown British Independent film we are competing against much bigger companies and well established filmmakers, so we still have our work cut out, but I couldn't be more happy with how things are going. The reviews and response to the film have been fantastic, so much so that I have already dived in and penned 10 pages of a sequel. It's very early stages but I hope to inject more blood, more horror, more kills and even more money in the next instalment. So if things work out 2014 might be the start of Young, High and More Dead”

Written & Directed: Luke Brady
Co Directed by: Jonathan Brady
Co Directed by: Portia Barnett-Herrin
Co Directed by: Daniel Fenton
Co Directed by: Thabo Mhlatshwa

Produced by Sam Alani

Edited by: Luke Brady
Edited by: Thabo Mhlatshwa

Casting by: Robert Sterne
Composed by: Kwes Darko (a.k.a Blue Daisy)

Make Up & SFX by: Natalie Guest

Writer/Director Statement: Young, High and Dead is a modern twist on a familiar genre piece. As a huge fan of 80’s horror classics, I wanted to write and shoot something that harked back to this style of cinema. YHAD nods to certain influences in that era but hopefully brings a layered journey for the group of five friends, part autobiographical part fantasy, YHAD draws a story that hopefully audience members can engage and relate to. I tried to buck all trends and steer in the opposite direction to what people expect, not just narrative. The way I made the film is just as fantastical as the film itself.

Writer/Director Bio: I come from the gutters of the filmmaking community. Working my way from fetching tea and coffee for jumped up minor celebrities to working with some of the industries most influential filmmakers. I graduated from South Bank University with a degree in Special Effects in Film and Television. It was at this time when I made my first short film titled ‘Time for Confusion’. A hideous freak of technical mistakes that taught me I had a lot to learn but it did spark an insane desire to make more films. After Uni I spent a few years travelling the country peeling plastic off of posh floor tiles, finally I got an entry level job as a runner, I then worked at a few Post Production houses in London gaining huge amounts of technical knowledge before running a popular casting studio in central London. Here I worked on many high profile projects including HBO’s Game of Thrones, Ridley Scotts ‘Prometheus’ and the multiple Oscar Winning ‘ The Kings Speech’ to name just a few. It was during my time in casting where I was lucky enough to watch and observe high profile clients work their own projects, I knew for me to have any stab at the industry I would have to get off my arse and make a feature, no matter what it took! I spent the next 5 years working full time to pay bills and every second spare was dedicated to my own project now known as Young, High and Dead. I come from an extremely creative background, thats been suppressed with years of technical training and other blatant restrictions but I truly believe this makes me stand out from the hipster crowd as a unique filmmaker!

Release Dates:
Friday 13th September - UK Only 
UK release of the feature ‘Young, High and Dead’
Available exclusively on Vimeo on Demand

Thursday 31st October - USA & Worldwide release
USA release of feature ‘Young, High and Dead’
Available exclusively on Vimeo on Demand

The trailer can be watched and film can be purchased* from the link below:
*Currently available to UK residents – Worldwide release this Halloween 31st October 2013

Below are links to Young High and Dead's many social media outlets. 

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