07 October 2013

Baggage 2013 (Short Film) - REVIEW

The folks over at YouveBeenRobbedFilms are at it again with a new film called Baggage. It's a glimpse into a day in the life of Benjamin, just a normal guy, minding his own business and trying to fit in with society. FROM THE SYNOPSIS: He goes to work, loves his significant other and has hopes and dreams just like you. You will follow Benjamin for one day of his life, but will you still believe that Benjamin is normal after his world is revealed?

I previously reviewed Rob Dimension's film No Clowning Around (review here) which I considered to be an impressive venture into the life of a washed up former TV clown. Baggage is no different. Well, it is and it isn't and I will intentionally be vague as to not spoil any part of the film. To give too much away would be a smack in the face to a film maker who tries so hard to create something surprising.

Dimension wrote and stars in the film and and does a great job. I always enjoy watching someone who obviously has a respect for the genre and it's clear that he does. There isn't a lot of dialogue so it's left to him to speak through actions and expressions and he does it with an intensity that makes the character come alive on screen. 

Director Jeremiah Kipp also does an impeccable job framing shots and bringing a subtle dark tone to the film and I enjoyed the look and feel of it. It's done in black and white which is something that doesn't always work but definitely does here. I could easily see this playing out as an episode of The Twilight Zone 

When it comes down to it, Baggage is just an all around solid Indie film. And I must once again give kudos to the cast and crew who obviously worked very hard to make it successful. 

For more info on Baggage and YouveBeenRobbedFilms, visit their site. You can purchase merchandise, pick up a copy of the film that also includes their award winning short, No Clowning Around. 

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